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Keeping your lawn lush, weed-free and perfectly manicured throughout the growing season is on the minds of many home and property owners. Most likely your goal is to maximize the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property, and while this can become quite the endeavor, our lawn care professionals top tier Medford lawn care and maintenance to both residential and commercial clients in Medford, MA. Request a quote today to learn more about our lawn care services. 

Lawn Care in Medford, MA 

Take back your evenings and weekends and allow your lawn to look its best this spring, summer and fall. Our Medford, MA lawn care professionals will manicure your grass to the ideal height and in the process create an effect in your lawn that resembles the appearance of a major league baseball outfield.  

Each turf mowing service includes:

  • Cutting all grass areas at appropriate height 

  • String trimming the grass around trees, beds, fences, etc. to ensure a uniform appearance  

  • Blow clippings from landscape/garden beds and hard surfaces such as walkways, driveways and streets 

Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control Treatments in Medford 

Fertilizing your lawn and control weeds are a top priority when taking care of your turf. Our perfectly timed applications will give your grass the proper amount of nutrients at the right times during the growing season to establish a strong root system and green dark green appearance. 
Weed control spraying treatments prevent the invasion of weeds such as grabgrass, dandelions, clover, creeping Charlie and more, that can take over your turf in a short amount of time. Our weed control applications are scheduled appropriately to prevent grassy weeds such as crabgrass from sprouting and post emergent broadleaf weed control to stop these weeds before they spread. 

We serve both residential and commercial customers, request a quote today for lawn care in Medford, MA. 

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Dethatching and Spring Lawn Clean Ups 

After multiple months of cold and snow stacked over the top of your lawn, the snow melts and then the wrath of winter is left behind. Most lawns look less than desirable and are in urgent need of some tender loving care. Our yard clean up and lawn dethatching professionals thoroughly enjoy doing this work in early spring because it sets the tone for the health of your lawn throughout the upcoming spring and summer. Get an estimate today for dethatching and spring lawn clean ups in Medford, MAs today. 

Medford, MA Leaf Removal and Fall Lawn Clean Ups  

When the autumn air begins to blow in, and the leaves begin to fall – it is truly a beauty to watch, but can be an outright pain to clean up. Our Medford leaf removal professionals remove the unsightly yard debris and prepare your lawn for the upcoming cold winter ahead by blowing out out all the leaves, cut the turf one last time, and haul away the leaves, sticks and other debris to a proper disposal site. 

Lawn Aeration in Medford, MA 

Aerating your lawn provides a vast amount of benefits to your turf. When turf cores mechanically removes root and soil into small plugs, this allows the flow oxygen and moisture into the soil, which reduces compaction and strengthens the roots of your lawn. Get a quote today for all of your Medford, MA lawn care and maintenance services. 

our happy clients

Brett Graham, 28

I love this service ! So convenient . Good price and my lawn maintenance men were on time and having the option to leave a msg. Was definitely a plus. I was able to give them instructions and they called when they arrived. I had immediate response as soon as I posted the day for service and it notified me step by step where they were . Will def. Continue to use this service !

Rosie Hanson, 24
Real estate Associate

Had an PERFECT experience with these gardeners/landscapers. I'm so grateful we found them, especially after an AWFUL experience with a previous landscaper but they were as detailed as we were and worth every penny! Thanks!

Shawn Mattews, 35
project manager

Very knowledgeable, great prices. My new landscape looks great, made our experience pleasant.

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